Runescape is Back!

By Daniel Manning

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How many of you think back with fond memories to the days of Runescape? Ah, I remember the good old days of grinding out experience and collecting materials in Gielinor. Personally, I was an infamous wood cutter back in the day - oak logs, willow logs, maple logs?! You name it, I was chopping it.

For those of you slightly less familiar with the game, Runescape was a fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) first released in January of 2001. It was the world’s largest MMORPG of its time - with over 200 million accounts created. Created by a company named Jagex, Runescape was a classic representation of all that was great about gaming in the early 2000’s and online RPG’s. It was free-to-play; it was both a fun social experience and an exploration of the internet itself. The graphics were laughably poor compared to today’s standards, but the plot and the things to do were interesting and new.

The game was a classic grind-fest. Everything had to do with experience levels, and you could only gain experience by repetitively doing the same action again and again…and again. And, with each new level, it took even more experience to advance to the following level. You get the gist.

And it’s back!

Now, most of us (I assume), had thought Runescape was dead and gone years ago. I mean really - are you still playing 17 years later?

But, Jagex was not ready to let go of this classic MMORPG.

As of October 20th, 2018 - Jagex released a mobile version of Runescape entitled “Old School Runescape” or OSRS for short. It boasts the ability to pick back up exactly where you left off some 10+ years ago, if you can remember your account information that is.

Released for both Android and Apple devices, the return of this classic game is making a splash in the app store marketplaces. With over 2 million downloads between Apple & Android app stores, the app has certainly seen immediate market traction.

The game is also rated extremely highly in the app stores. There have been nearly 23,000 ratings in the United States alone, with an average rating of 4.8 and 93% of the reviews coming in at a 5 star rating. We believe these are extremely positive indicators of the game’s play-ability & enjoy-ability.

United States Rankings of Old School Runescape

Additionally, through our app tracking friends at AppAnnie, we are able to see how the game is ranking within the United States both on downloads and on gross revenues.

From a downloads perspective (shown below), OSRS was the top downloaded game overall in the United States the day it was released. And, it has remained one of the top 10 most downloaded US Adventure Games from launch to today! (data as of 12/3/18)

As of the most recent data, it was the 10th most downloaded US Adventure Game & the 386th most downloaded app in the United States Overall.

Old School Runescape - Most Downloaded Apps

From a gross revenue perspective, and this probably what Jagex is most interested in, the game has quickly gained revenue as number of downloads and users have increased. Runescape was having trouble breaking the top 200 best grossing revenue apps in the United States, dipping as low a rank as 1,200, early on in the game’s release. However, by the time Tuesday, November 6th rolled around, the app was the 4th top grossing app in the US Adventure Games market and 71st in the US App Market overall.

Currently, the game has stabilized around the #200 top grossing app for the United States Overall and the #25 top grossing US Adventure Game.

How long do you think the game will remain popular? Will Old School Runescape continue to show the staying power that it once did and re-acquire it’s 200 million user fan base? Only time will tell!

Old School Runescape - Top Grossing Apps

Old School Runescape - Top Grossing Apps

In the meantime, it’s time for me to get back to chopping that wood. I’ve got leveling to do! Let us know if you’re going to download the mobile version of OSRS to either re-live your past MMORPG life, or to start exploring Runescape for the first time in 2018!

Good luck out there!