Search Interest of E3 2019 Compared to the Past With Adjusted Google Trends

By Mike Christison

Filed under Gaming Industry

E3 is next week, and we decided to look at how interest stacked up at this point to previous years. Google Trends is a useful way to do this. If you don’t know what it is, it is basically an index value that measures how much search traffic various search words and phrases garner over time relative to a score of 100. You can read more here.

One of the challenges with using Google Trends is that selecting longer periods of time provides less granular data. Over the past five years, we can’t get the daily trend, so the next best thing is to adjust smaller slices of daily trends by using the relative weekly ones. Without getting into the weeds on the actual math, here is the result:

It looks like E3 2015 had the most interest during the time of the actual event, whereas E3 2018 had the strongest interest leading up to the event by a margin of 21 index points (based on weekly data).

As it stands, E3 2019 shows fairly high interest relative to other years at this point, despite having a comparatively small lineup of games. But this is not necessarily an indication of how well it will do next week. We will have to wait and see. More updates coming soon.

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