The World's Most Valuable Esports Companies: Visualized

By Mike Christison

Filed Under Gaming Industry

Last week, Forbes released an article with some figures on the world’s most valuable esports teams. We took their data and created this:

The World's Most Valuable ESports Companies.png

Since there are no cost numbers, there is no way to compare profit as a measure of success. However, one thing we can do is look at how their revenues spread out over their revenue drivers (aka, the number of players) as a measure of efficiency. And among the entire group, Team SoloMid stands out as generating the most revenue per player.

Additionally, the data did not include a full list of games represented by each franchise, so we fleshed these out.

Lastly, it is critical to provide information on where the data comes from. Here is the quote from the Forbes article:

We painstakingly compiled our list of the 12 most valuable esports companies by talking to company owners, bankers and industry experts. We leaned on PitchBook and other public documents to buttress our reporting. Our company appraisals are based on the valuations that were applied during each company’s most recent capital raise, comparable esports transactions and their prospects. We included only companies that compete in gaming and excluded game publishers and arena builders.
— Mike Ozanian, Christina Settimi and Matt Perez

Because this is mostly second-hand knowledge, one should of course maintain a healthy skepticism with regard to accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data. When the list was handed over to the almighty internet, there were some fun responses:

There is a lesson to take away here for data science and data analytics practitioners. As with any ad-hoc data set, the industry might expect a certain acceptable threshold of messiness and imperfection. But when the numbers are very distinct and available for criticism in the public eye, it is a good practice to anticipate the reactions of the audience and be up front about those imperfections.