Semifinals Series Live Recap - IG vs G2

By Dan Manning

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IG versus G2 Recap

IG versus G2 Recap

Match 1, Best of 5 Series

IG vs G2 Game 1

IG vs G2 Game 1

1:01 AM - Get your popcorn everyone! @invgaming versus @G2esports, best of 5 series, #lol #Worlds2018 semifinals is starting! And we're live tweeting match updates! Current prediction: 72% chance to win for @invgaming #BigDataAnalytics

1:19 AM - And we're out on the rift! Let's go teams! @invgaming versus @G2esports #fightfirewithfire #Worlds2018 #lolesports

1:28 AM - First blood goes to @invgaming! Bringing their percent chance to win this match to 76%!  Good luck @G2esports - you'll need it! #worlds2018 #lolesports

1:30 AM - Great skirmish, bottom side! Ults popped, but one kill comes out for @g2esports.  Evening the match back to only 71% chance for @invgaming #worlds2018 #lolesports

1:32 AM - First turret goes to @invgaming! Up to 78% chance for @invgaming gaming to win this match #1 #worlds2018 #lolesports

1:34 AM - 2nd turret goes down - this time on the top side for @invgaming as well as a herald pickup.  Up to 83% chance for @invgaming to win versus @G2esports! How can G2 respond to this dominance so far? #Worlds2018 #lolesports

1:38 AM - Herald unleashed on mid lane turrets - eventually bringing 2 turrets down. Plus a red buff red side jungle fight resulting in 2 deaths for @G2esports.  @invgaming with all objectives thus far...they have 95% chance to win. #worlds2018 #lolesports

@invgaming dives the top lane inhib turret, after blood!  @G2esports uses ults to disengage but can't! @invgaming picks up more kills and their 6th turret.  Up to 99% chance to win for @invgaming #Worlds2018

1:45 AM - Both nexus turrets taken by @invgaming - our model now predicts 100% chance for IG to beat @G2esports! #Worlds2018 #lolesports

 @invgaming picks up baron for a final push! And it's @invgaming for the first win over @G2esports! #worlds2018 #lolesports



Match 2, Best of 5 Series

IG vs G2 Game 2

IG vs G2 Game 2

2:09 AM - And we're back onto the rift! Game 2! Can @invgaming have another good game? We predict 72% chance for them to win this current match.  Good luck @G2esports! #worlds2018 #lolesports

2:14 AM - First blood for @invgaming in mid lane! But @G2esports responds in top lane - then more action in bottom lane AND top lane retaliation.  Tied up at 2-2 kills. 71% chance to win for @invgaming #worlds2018 #lolesports

2:15 AM - Solo kill in the top lane for @invgaming's Jayce! Upping their chances to win to 76%. Very nice! #worlds2018   

2:22 AM - Top side 3 champion dive on Aatrox - securing a kill and a turret for @invgaming! Up to an 85% chance to win versus @G2esports. #Worlds2018 #lolesports

2:27 AM - Great gank by @G2esports with the kench & jungle teleport - resulting in 5 kills for them.  Reducing @invgaming chances to win down to 78% #worlds2018 #lolesports

@invgaming top lane Jayce absolutely dominating - taking on a 2v1 to secure another kill! 89% chance for @invgaming over @G2esports #Worlds2018

2:33 AM - Bottom lane inhib destroyed by @invgaming and 1 nexus turret! The jayce forcing everyone @G2esports out of the base! 99% for @invgaming to win! #Worlds2018 #lolesports

2:37 AM - Another win for @invgaming - bringing the series to 2-0! Great attempts by @G2esports, but top lane Jayce brought it home! #worlds2018 #lolesports


Match 3, Best of 5 Series

IG vs G2 Game 3

IG vs G2 Game 3

2:55 AM - Let's rumble - match 3! Onto the rift! Some adjustments and bans in team composition for @G2esports - especially banning out the Jayce.  Let's see if it works.  We see @invgaming starting at 72% chance to win.  #worlds2018 #lolesports

3:00 AM - First blood to @G2esports with a jungle invade and then a top lane dive against TheShy - letting them pick up a 2-0 kill lead.  Reducing @invgaming chance to win to only 51% #worlds2018 #lolesports

3:04 AM - Skirmish in the mid lane - going for an even 1-1 kill trade.  Still looking good for @G2esports in this game.  49% chance for them to win this one #worlds2018 #lolesports

@invgaming now finding themselves behind for the first time in the series - only 42% chance for them to win after the top side dive by @G2esports and then an overreach by the IG Leblanc #worlds2018 #lolesports

@G2esports picks up the bottom lane tower and denies @invgaming from gaining anything from the rift herald.  76% chance for @G2esports to win this game! #worlds2018 #lolesports

3:16 AM - Extended mid lane battle has @invgaming coming out on top - tying up the kill count to 9-9.  Also putting them back to a 56% chance to win! How will @G2esports respond? #worlds2018 #lolesports

@invgaming secures the dragon and then TheShy on Aatrox gets massive damage onto @G2esports. IG now pulling ahead on kills 12-10.  Back to 73% chance to win this match! #worlds2018 #lolesports

@invgaming takes baron! While @G2esports loses vision over the baron pit! Then IG picks up 2 kills to get to 14-10.  Putting @invgaming up to 82% chance to win! #worlds2018 #lolesports

3:24 AM - Huge push by IG with the baron buff - crushing turrets belonging to @G2esports! 99% chance to win for @invgaming! And they take the SERIES 3-0! IG WINS! #worlds2018 #loelsports