Semifinals Series Live Recap - FNATIC vs Cloud9

By Dan Manning

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FNATIC vs C9 Semifinal Series Recap

FNATIC vs C9 Semifinal Series Recap

Match 1, Best of 5 Series

FNC vs C9 Game 1

FNC vs C9 Game 1

4:01 AM It's what we've been waiting for...@Cloud9 versus @FNATIC! Semifinals starting NOW! We predict a #FNCWIN with 70% chance to win, but we'll be providing live updates as the game progresses! Stay tuned! #Worlds2018 #lolesports

4:15 AM And - we're on the RIFT! Game 1! @FNATIC 70% chance to win.  Good luck @Cloud9! Let's see how it plays out! #worlds2018 #lolesports

4:18 AM FIRST BLOOD! @FNATIC - in the mid lane with a combo between Leblanc and Lee Sin! 74% chance for a #FNCWIN versus @Cloud9. #worlds2018 #lolesports

4:21 AM Aggressive action on the top side! Watch out for the turret damage @Cloud9. 82% chance for a #FNCWIN! #worlds2018 #lolesports 

4:25 AM Another top side gank from jungle and mid lane! 5-0 kills for @FNATIC versus @Cloud9! Moving up to an 88% chance to win for a #FNCWIN.  Can @Cloud9 respond?! #worlds2018 #lolesport

4:30 AM Teleports out in the bottom lane! Everyone shows up and it doesn't go well for @Cloud9! Kills 10-1 and a turret pickup for @FNATIC. 97% chance for a #FNCWIN. #worlds2018 #lolesports

4:33 AM Turrets dropping in all lane for @Cloud9.  99% chance for @FNATIC to win.  No response to get us to a #C9WIN #worlds2018 #lolesports

@FNATIC picks up FIRST BARON within 20 minutes after winning a skirmish in the mid lane! Our model now predicts 100% chance for @FNATIC to beat @Cloud9 in game 1! #Worlds2018 #lolesports

4:40 AM And we see @Cloud9 nexus go down within 25 minutes in match 1. Tough match for them, but great work for @FNATIC! Let's see how #C9 will respond in the next match.  #worlds2018 #lolesports


Match 2, Best of 5 Series

FNC vs C9 Game Game 2

FNC vs C9 Game Game 2

4:59 AM Aaannddd - here we go with MATCH 2 of @Cloud9 versus @FNATIC.  We're predicting 70% chance for #FNCWIN.  BUT we have very interesting and aggressive champion picks in this match! Let's see what happens! #worlds2018 #lolesports 

5:13 AM FIRST BLOOD and then a dragon pick up for @Cloud9! Moving down the @FNATIC chance to win to 59%. #worlds2018 #lolesports

@FNATIC barely keeps mid lane turret alive while taking the @Cloud9 turret in bot lane! % chance for #FNCWIN up to 76%! #worlds2018 #lolesports

@Cloud9 wins a 5v5 in the river near mid lane! Picking up 2 unanswered kills! 28% chance for #C9WIN! @FNATIC still with a strong chance to win. #worlds2018 #lolesports

@FNATIC wins a mid lane team fight and then secures first baron! 88% chance for a #FNCWIN for this match!  Tough couple minutes for @Cloud9 #worlds2018 #lolesports

@Cloud9 responds with 2-0 kills on the bot side, but they've got turrets dropping in all other lanes! Now a 96% chance for @FNATIC to win this match #worlds2018 #lolesports

5:33 AM QUADRAKILL for the Azir to win the game for @FNATIC! Well done! Unfortunately @Cloud9 is now down 0-2! Can they pull off a #reversesweep and make it to the finals?! #worlds2018 #lolesports


Match 3, Best of 5 Series

FNC vs C9 Game 3

FNC vs C9 Game 3

5:50 AM Here we gooo! MATCH 3 of @FNATIC versus @Cloud9 - pick ban phase in progress. We predict 70% chance for a #FNCWIN but a reverse sweep would result in #C9WIN.  Let's see what happens! #worlds2018 #lolesports

5:57 AM First blood! In the bot lane for @FNATIC! Moving #FNCWIN up to a 74% chance against @Cloud9 ! #worlds2018 #lolesports

@FNATIC picks up another kill - in the top lane this time.  Moving their chances to win to 78%! @Cloud9 has good vision control, but struggling to capitalize. #worlds2018 #lolesports

6:06 AM Turrets traded as @Cloud9 takes the bottom lane outer and @FNATIC takes the top lane outer! Still 78% chance for a #FNCWIN #worlds2018 #lolesports

6:10 AM Team fight in the mid lane with both teleports coming out! @Cloud9 picks up 2 kills - making an even game in kills and #C9 ahead in turrets.  Reducing @FNATIC chance to win to only 54%! #worlds2018 #lolesports

@Cloud9 for the first time in this match pulls into the lead! 55% chance for them to win this match! Is this the beginning of #C9WIN? How does @FNATIC respond? #worlds2018 #lolesports

6:17 AM And a crushing response from @FNATIC! They counter teleport, win a team fight and then claim baron! Back to 77% chance for a #FNCWIN! #worlds2018 #lolesports

6:21 AM Massive team fight and @FNATIC comes out on top - and they're heading toward the nexus! But they back away - leaving @Cloud9 to still try to come back! 95% chance for #FNCWIN #worlds2018 #lol

@FNATIC picks up a SECOND baron and turns around a team fight to end up crushing @Cloud9! Now a 98% chance for #FNCWIN.  Is there anything #c9 can do for a #C9WIN?! #worlds2018 

6:26 AM In a final push, @FNATIC takes it home with 3-0 sweep against @Cloud9! #FNCWIN comes out! Good efforts @Cloud9 - great showing from NA! #worlds2018 #lolesports