LoL Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals Predictions

By Colin Bowers

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And then there were 8! After an exciting, thrilling, and sometimes disappointing group stage (RIP Flash Wolves), Worlds has moved on to the knockout round. More on this tomorrow, but so far, our Elo model is performing well. Hopefully that continues to through the title game!

Knockout games are best of five unlike the group stage which gives the favored team a better chance to exert their will. At StatXP, we will be predicting the individual games as well as updating our overall prediction of who will win the title. And course, we’ll be continually updating the backbone of our model, our Elo ratings.

After Invictus Gaming lost twice to Fnatic to lose the #1 seed in Group D, they also lost the top spot in our Elo ratings to KT Rolster. Given these two teams play in the quarterfinals, whoever wins that matchup will be favored by StatXP to win the whole tournament.

For the knockout rounds, we will be publishing full title predictions after each round. A look at the next round’s games can also give a prediction for the next round’s games. Keep in mind that these projections are  for best-of-five matchups rather than the best-of-one matchups from the group stage.

Lol Worlds 2018 Quarterfinals predictions

As expected, #1 ranked KT Rolster is our favorite to win the title. In fact, we give the winner of their matchup versus #2 Invictus Gaming a 49% chance of winning it all. At the top of the bracket, Afreeca Freecs, Fnatic, and EDward Gaming have similar odds to make it to the finals. How those teams do in the quarterfinals could have a significant impact on what we predict going forward.

For this weekend’s games, StatXP gives KT a 57% chance of advancing over IG, AFs a74% chance of disappointing NA and eliminating C9, FNC a 51% chance of keeping EU’s hope alive over EDG, and RNG a 70% chance of eliminating EU’s other team in G2.

Tomorrow StatXP will have a look at what went wrong with our Flash Wolves prediction. Follow along with StatXP on Twitter (@StatXP) as we continue to model and forecast the 2018 LoL Worlds.