LoL Worlds 2018 Daily Update October 16, 2018

By Colin Bowers

Filed under eSports

After a week of excitement, LoL Worlds group play is nearly over. After our miss on Flash Wolves, today’s games provided a bit of calm as KT Rolster and EDward Gaming joined the knockout rounds as expected. In fact, both teams clinched their spots with a game each to spare. StatXP predicts a similarly orderly group of games in Group D, with Invictus Gaming and Fnatic advancing for a shot at the championship.

Both KT and EDG enter the knockout rounds among the tournament favorites, with KT as our #2 team and EDG as our #3 team . Our official knockout round predictions are coming later this week, but our current expectation is that KT will be a co-favorite along with Invictus Gaming. EDG will be hurt by not winning the group because now they will have to play one of the other group winners.

StatXP predicts our #1 ranked team Invictus Gaming will advance easily and gives them a 46% chance of being the only team at Worlds to advance a perfect 6-0 out of group stage. Fnatic is poised to grab the second seed out of Group D and can basically clinch it with a win over 100 Thieves in the night’s first game. StatXP gives them a 64% chance of winning this game. To get back into advancement contention, 100 Thieves and especially G-Rex need to hope for absolute chaos, along the lines of Group A.


Later this week we will have a retrospective on Flash Wolves surprising elimination along with our predictions for the knockout rounds. Follow along with StatXP on Twitter (@StatXP) as we continue to model and forecast the 2018 LoL Worlds!