LoL Worlds 2018 Daily Update October 11, 2018

By Colin Bowers

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Some trends have started to emerge after two days of LoL Worlds Main Event competition. The StatXP favorite, Flash Wolves, and betting markets favorite, Royal Never Give Up, have seized control of their groups and are well on their way to advancing to the knock-out rounds. To be fair, the other consensus favorites, KT Rolster and Invictus Gaming, have only played one game each. The second seeds in both Group A and Group B are wide open.

After Phong Vu Buffalo’s shocking upset over G2 Esports, the StatXP model sees G2 and the reeling Afreeca Freecs as equally likely to advance to the next round. Despite upsetting G2 and being a game up on AF, the model still expects PVB to finish fourth in Group A. Like AF, Gen.G is a shocking 0-2 in Group B after losing in a thriller to Cloud9. Given their superior Elo rating, StatXP gives similar odds to each team behind RNG to advance as the second seed.

Group A is off tomorrow as Group C and D play for the second time and Group B finishes its first round robin through the group. StatXP gives Gen.G a 65% chance of righting the ship against Cloud9. If they lose tomorrow, they may be doomed unless they can upset RNG. The model sees a clear favorite in every game tomorrow except for G-Rex versus 100 Thieves. Given the talent at the top of Group D, the loser of that match might as well pack their bags and head home.

League of Legends Worlds 2018 updated match up win probability October 11, 2018

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